Villa St. Luc / Curran, ON.

True atmosphere of country life with verdant forests and plowed crop fields in summer. Seasonal changes in snowfields six months later.
  • Population; 261 people.
  • One of the first settlers was Léon LaBelle, who arrived in 1857 and opened a general store. Later he built a carriage shop and operated a hotel.
  • The post office was established as Curran in 1858, possibly in honor of the Irish lawyer John Philpot Curran, 1750-1817.
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Mon Chez Nous / Lefaivre, ON

Country atmosphere on the Ottawa River, watching for boat activity in summer and melting ice going downstream in spring.
  • Population; 1100 people.
  • The surname Lefaivre is derived from the Old French word "fevre", which meant "a blacksmith", so it was originally a professional name for a blacksmith or metalworker.
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