Room Types available at Villa St. Luc / Mon Chez Nous except where indicated *.

You are free to change and garnish your room to your taste.    

  The rooms are normally repainted for each new resident and the carpets cleaned as needed. They are provided furnished or you can if you wish, bring your own furniture and customize your room to your taste. The furniture's included are the following:  
  • Bed with mattress;
  • Bedside table with lamp;
  • Dresser (some with mirrors);
  • Rocking chair*;
  • Venetian blinds;
  • Bed sheets & comforter;
  Our bathrooms feature a bath with a telephone shower, toilet and sink vanity with mirror. The following equipment is also provided:   
  • Non-slip bath carpet rug;
  • Grab bar by the toilet
  • Handrail bath
  • Shower curtain
   *Type of room or item not available at the Mon Chez Nous residence.          

 Deluxe*          Kitchenette room*